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complimentary life coaching session.


Corporate Coaching: Work With Passion!

The Work With Passion™ method for corporate success increases the productivity of executives, employees, and sales and management teams by helping them to identify, define, and actualize their life purpose and link it to their current job performance and company objectives.

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Everyone works harder and smarter when they are highly motivated, and there is no dynamic more motivating than to experience the results of one’s life purpose being fulfilled. Life purpose is defined as “what we love to do that makes the world a better place, or contributes to the life of others.” It is general enough that it can be fulfilled through any occupation, any interaction, and in fact, at any moment in time. When Life Purpose is used as the driving force behind job performance and organizational goals, the results lead to peak performance and gorilla success.

Sage Publications is a world-renowned academic publisher that has grown from a 32-million dollar company to over 100 million in 15 years.

I fully believe that we could not have accomplished the success in our organizational goals that we have realized without the guidance and leadership from Patrick Harbula.

Blaise Simqu, President, Sage Publications

A valuable day of focus and encouragement. Since the LPI training, my position at the job I already loved has completely shifted to come into alignment with my clearer sense of purpose.

Molly Rockey, Nationwide Director of Volunteer Services, ALS Foundation

Learning that what was missing in my childhood is a gift that contributes to my life purpose, helped me identify how to change some of my patterns. I got my money’s worth by lunchtime!

Ted Kalal, Reliability Engineer and Author of Improving Product Reliability

The Work With Passion method also trains individuals to reach their potential through practical business strategies including:

  • Financial Analysis
  • Empowering Management Systems
  • Creative Marketing Strategies
  • Success Measurements
  • Leadership Training


Executive Coaching Rate Options:

$500 per hour.

$2,000 for 6 sessions.

$3,500 for 12 or more sessions.

Organizational Training Rate Options:

$5,000 plus travel expenses for half-day training up to 4 hours.

$8,000 plus travel expenses for all day-training up to 8 hours.

$10,000 plus travel expenses for two-day training up to 16 hours.

Primal Fire Intensive Outdoor Team building Training:

  • The most powerful team building experience ever!
  • Ceremonial sweat lodge led by Native Elder (optional)
  • Techniques for breaking through to primal power and performance excellence.

1-day training $8,000 (plus travel expenses if we come to you)

2-day training $10,000 (plus travel expenses if we come to you)


Let us bring greater passion for guaranteed success to your company!

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