Promotional Hints for Appearances

If you are planning an event at your church or center, the following ideas are provided to help promote attendance and bring new people into the organziation for the lecture and/or workshops.

  1. Have books on hand well before Patrick’s appearance. Have at least 5 on display. Create a display so that the books stand out and people can connect the book with the upcoming workshop.
  2. Have a point person at the center/church that is familiar with Patrick and the workshop who can answer questions and enthusiastically talk up the workshop.
  3. Tie in the appearance with the intention and announcement of offering a class based on The Magic of the Soul.
  4. Include information in weekly email announcements leading up to the appearance.
  5. Place flyers (congregants and board members can get involved in this too) on bulletin boards and in local businesses—doctor’s offices, dentists, beauty salons etc. Half page or smaller versions of the flyer work especially well for this purpose.
  6. Contact local radio stations to have Patrick on as a talk show guest using the same pitch listed above for TV spots. This is especially effective with stations with more liberal programming. Public supported broadcasting stations are often very open to Patrick’s message and have listeners who will be drawn to the event. If you don’t have staffing for this purpose, propose a list of news shows, radio interview shows, and radio stations with liberal programming, and submit it to us, and our staff will make the contacts.
  7. Contact local TV news shows (or submit list to us) to have Patrick (if he will be in town early enough for this) on a news segment. Many news shows will do a 2 to 5 minute spot.
  8. Offer tickets to listeners or viewers as part of Patrick’s media events as well as to other local fundraising efforts.
  9. Create a press release and send it to local papers.
  10. Contact local holistic publications to do an interview with Patrick or run and article by him.
  11. Attach the press release to an email to congregants.
  12. Offer a pair of tickets as a raffle prize or silent auction item at local fundraisers for other organizations or charities.

For any questions, please call Patrick's office at the number or email below.


Living Purpose Institute
2593 Young Avenue
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

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