Are You Living Your Dream?

Are you using your greatest creativity in your career?

Are you financially successful at doing what you love to do that makes the world a better place?

Are you on a path toward “vocational ecstasy”?

Go beyond your limitations and empower your life with your core reason for being on this planet with the

Live Your Passion Workbook to Vocational Ecstasy!

As a direct result of Live Your Passion, I just won an American Music Award for best inspirational song for "Healer of Hearts", and I am on the verge of a recording contract. I am in ecstasy!
Roz Esposito, Singer/Songwriter

You will learn how to

  • Clarify your life purpose—what you love to do that makes the world a better place or contributes to the lives of others—at the deepest level!
  • Create a life purpose definition that can be used as a power mantra to access the energy of your highest self in every area of your life!
  • Have a consistent intention of fulfilling your life purpose, filling your life with passion, and compelling (if not forcing) you to create increasingly magnificent expressions of abundance through service to others.
  • Use your life purpose mantra to create opportunities (that wouldn’t otherwise be revealed) to serve in meaningful and lucrative ways!
  • Use “what was missing as a child” (the greatest lack) to fuel your greatest success!
  • Get way outside of the box of your perceived limitations and truly embrace a path of living in vocational ecstasy!
  • Create a grand vision of the most fulfilling, direct, and financially successful vocational expression of your life purpose.
  • Create a practical plan for reaching your grand vision!
  • Breakthrough all of the barriers that could keep you from living your dream.
  • Realize and live in the ecstasy of your highest magnificence!
Because of Patrick's Live Your Passion, my practice exploded and I literally don't have enough time to take all the money to the bank! I have realized my 5-year financial goals in only 8 months! I am amazed!
--Victoria Cobb, Massage Therapist and Qi Gong/Tai Chi Instructor

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  • $100 credit toward the Live Your Passion Teleseminar with Patrick J. Harbula
  • $400 credit toward Life Coaching Certification Program taught by Patrick J. Harbula

One last incentive that you are not going to believe:
Because our mission is to create a world where everyone is living their passion in Peace, Prosperity, and Perfect Health, if you are in a Manifesting Affirmation Process (MAP) group or are willing to commit to participating or starting one (which costs nothing and can be accessed right here) we will take off another $20 of the price for the Live Your Passion Workbook. Just type in the code MAP (must use caps) when you order the book to receive the additional $20 discount and pay only $30 to receive this once in a lifetime offer valuing $800. You are on the honor system on this one. So please do start or participate in a MAP group (If you haven't already) for at least 30 days as your part of the bargain.

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Thank you for your commitment to make the world a better place through sharing your unique gifts and living in the passion of vocational ecstasy!

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My shamanic ceremonial business (classes, sweat lodges) has doubled since Live Your Passion changed my life. My ceremonies are scheduled to be aired on two TV shows. The results are phenomenal!
Starflyer (Lyn Hopkins)

No Risk Guarantee!!!

If you are not fully satisfied with the Live Your Passion Workbook, after 90 days you can receive a full refund.—NO QUESTIONS ASKED. And as a gift for trying How to Make Affirmation Work, you will be able to keep the bonuses worth $650 as our gift.

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Patrick J. Harbula has touched hundreds of thousands with his message Living Your Passion Through Life Purpose through seminars and national radio and TV (including ABC and CBS) throughout the U.S. and Canada. It costs hundreds of dollars to take his seminars, but now this comprehensive and simple to use e-workbook will guide you through the same dynamic techniques, exercises, and teachings that have empowered others to live in the passion of their life purpose.

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