Would you like to achieve results in a fraction of the amount of time as you normally would?

Would you like to reach goals you never thought possible?

Life coaching is an investment that will speed up your path to the success you deserve by using the support and expertise of an expert life coach!

You will be amazed at how quickly Patrick or one of the Living Purpose Institute's Certified Life Purpose Coaches will help you clarify your life purpose, provide direction toward ideal career and vocational ecstasy, and raise the quality of every area of life. To set a complimentary phone session, call toll free 805-469-9847 or email to

The benefits of life coaching are:

  • You will have a support system in place to encourage, empower, and hold you accountable for reaching your goals.
  • Through the LPI method, you will measure and raise your alignment between intention and action. Most people (even successful and happy people) tend to do what they intent to do 30% of the time or less. Coaching will increase your alignment to 70% or higher and positive results will be inevitable.
  • You will reach goals in a fraction of the time you would without the assistance of a life coach and most likely reach some goals you wouldn’t accomplish otherwise.
  • The cost is not an expense but an investment that will generate measurable financial returns as well as abundance on all levels that will pay back the investment 10, maybe even 100 times or more over.
  • Life coaching is not a long, drawn-out therapy program. While therapy is extremely valuable, it tends to focus on WHY we behave in ways that are counter productive to achieving fulfillment. Life coaching focuses on the HOW of achieving our goals. While issues of the past may come up and be addressed, the overwhelming emphasis is not on healing the past, but on moving toward the future.
  • Life coaching is not consulting or mentoring. A life coach does not offer advice, but helps clarify options, creates an environment for moving forward, and supports the client in finding his or her own solutions.

Coaching Rate Options:
$180 per hour.
$120 per hour with series of at least 3 sessions.

Become a certified life coach from home through the Life Coaching Certification Teleseminar Program.
Become a life coach in Southern California through the Life Coaching on-site Certification Program.


A life coach offers practical strategies for achieving peak performance. Goals and objectives are discovered and agreed upon between coach and client. The life coach is an advocate for the success of the agreed upon goals. The coach holds the client accountable for agreed upon action items and offers support and encouragement of, and belief in, the client. Anyone who has personal goals can benefit from the support of life coaching. Most people who have utilized life coaching realize goals that they may have never reached or that would have taken much longer without the support of a qualified coach.


Psychotherapy generally deals with emotional or behavioral difficulties, and/or past painful situations. The aim in psychotherapy is usually to bring the client to normal functioning. Therapy is usually conducted in-person. Only occasionally is therapy conducted over the telephone.

Coaching helps an already successful, generally well-functioning individual to reach a higher level of success in whatever area of life they wish to excel. Coaches also help client's leverage their strengths and develop themselves in ways that bring greater success and satisfaction in their career or in their personal life. Life coaching can, and most often must, deal with blocks to success, but the emphasis is on taking action. Coaching is conducted in-person or over the telephone. The aim of coaching is generally to achieve vocational excellence and personal fulfillment.


Life Purpose coaching begins with the process of identifying life purpose and using that purpose as a force toward life, ideal career, even relationship direction and success. When goals and everyday functioning are approached from the power of one's life purpose, greater joy and passion are invoked to drive success and fulfillment, making the journey toward vocational success more joyous and generally quicker.


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