Primal Fire Intensive: Get Yourself Back to the Garden (2011)
by Patrick J. Harbula

I love writing these articles each year about the Saskatchewan Primal Fire Intensives, because it is always my highlight of the year to facilitate these transformational events with my partner and friend Carol Marriott, owner of Ravenheart Farms Equine Assisted Learning Center. I want share with you what invariably happens during the first circle time of the weekend. We pass the talking stick around the circle after being encouraged to speak from the heart and be vulnerable and authentic (which probably isn’t really necessary, because the land and nature necessitates that we do so). At some point in the circle, someone always breaks out (not down) in tears. At that point, I usually ask “did everyone’s heart open wider”, and the answer is always a unanimous yes! When one person opens up completely and shares their hurt, anger, or struggle, it inspires everyone else to go deeper. We will always pass the stick a second time, and often find more tears, deeper sharing, and usually louder laughter as well.

There is a host of powerful exercises, psychodynamics, equine assisted learning opportunities and of course the sacred ceremonial sweat lodge during the weekend. But what really changes lives is what happens in the circle time, when people share about their hurts, their triumphs and the transformation that is taking place for them during the exercises and throughout the weekend. A group dynamic is created where each person who breaks through inspires everyone else, so that a force of creative love is established that raises everyone up to the vibrational frequency of their highest self.

All this is greatly magnified by the vortex of love energy that is centered at Ravenheart Farms. Carol was led to this land because it is a vortex for transformation. The call to get back to our roots and be energized by nature and guided by our equestrian friends also supports the profound shifts that occur for primal fire participants. One of the amazing realities is that generally 50% of the group is made up of people who have attended before. Some have attended two, three, even four times. Each year contains new exercises and of course a nice mix of new people are welcomed back to the garden by the facilitators and graduates. 

This year, we will be including “The Work”, created by a “lit lady” named Byron Katie. This process is based on four simple questions of self inquiry that lead to an opportunity to release beliefs that have kept us stuck, and experience the freedom of consciousness when they have been transcended. Truly life can change miraculously when we give up our limiting beliefs. Think about the belief that limits you most. Who would you be without that belief? Really, answer this question in detail and then you can simply choose to give it up and become the you that you have come here to be. To view examples of “The Work” visit

We hope you can join us this year and make your way back to the garden—the garden of our mother earth, our primal nature, our inner most sacred selves.

Carol Marriott is a Certified Equine Assisted Learning Specialist and Director of the Ravenheart Farms Equine Learning Centre where the Primal Fire Intensive will be held, and is situated on 20 acres in rural Saskatchewan, about 1 hour from Saskatoon and Westminster. Patrick J. Harbula is a Life Coach, author of The Magic of the Soul, creator of the Primal Fire Intensive and Director of the Living Purpose Institute in California. For more information on the Primal Fire Intensive (including lots of fun photos and testimonials) visit or call toll free 866-204-2261. You can also call for a free life coaching session, and use the free life purpose clarification tool to receive a life purpose definition within 10 minutes at the website.

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