About Living Purpose Institute

Living Purpose Institute (LPI) is a teaching organization dedicated to coaching excellence and individual and collective success through the power of life purpose using life coaching. Through the Life Purpose Coaching Certification Program. We coach the coach and teach the teacher to empower people to reach their life goals and ideal career or vocations, in part, by defining and applying life purpose to all areas of living. We extend the invitation to people everywhere to "Live Your Passion." We believe that everyone has a unique and sacred mission, one that is not only a calling, but a destiny, which will be realized with the proper application of simple yet profound principles.

In Corporate Coaching we teach individuals and teams to Work With Passion by defining and applying one's own life purpose as well as understanding and supporting the life purpose of teammates. We use proven business strategies to achieve the highest organizational goals.

Through the Live Your Passion Workshops and Life Purpose Coaching Certification Program, we emphasize that so called "blocks" to success can be the very drivers to reaching full potential--an individual who is frightened about public speaking, can use that "block" to touch people at deeper level because (not in spite) of his or her fright and sensitivity. Once one recognizes that his or her greatest blocks can be used as their greatest drivers to success--their are no limitations to reaching one's greatest visions.

Founded by Patrick J. Harbula in 2003, LPI is based on his thirty years experience in life coaching and counseling (the first ten years as a renowned tennis pro) others to success, training professionals to increase their effectiveness as coaches, teachers, and leaders, and in corporate success as an executive, consultant, and business coach.


Purpose driven people everywhere living their greatest passion!


To be a leader in the field of coaching excellence and a provider of success tools to the community at large. We provide individual and corporate coaching, workshops, seminars, in-depth trainings, books, and products to guide individuals, groups, and organizations toward their greatest potential and ideal vocation success. We teach that people can achieve their greatest visions no matter what the obstacles and that personal and environmental obstacles can be utilized as assets or drivers rather than liabilities.

LPI accomplishes its mission through individual life coaching, the Live Your Passion Workshops, the Life Purpose Coaching Certification Program, and through various community programs designed to help underprivileged youth to break through sociological barriers and live their passion as well as books, tapes, and other educational products.