I Didn't Receive Enough Inspiration

Below are some examples of life purpose definitions (written as "I" statements) that relate to the quality or guidance that you didn't receive enough of as a child. Choose the one with the most powerful language for you. When you have chosen, write or type it below the definition from the first step.

I help others to feel inspired.
I help others to inspire themselves.
I inspire.
I inspire others.
I instill inspiration at the deepest level.

I empower others to feel inspired.
I empower inspiration.
I am inspiration.
I am inspiration in action.
Come up with your own wording if there is something you can formulate (or by combining one or more) that is more powerful than any of the above, but remember to keep it short. Seven words or less is optimal.

What is truly remarkable about clarifying your life purpose with this question is that it reveals the truth that what you did not receive enough of is what drives your passion. This means that what you have been healing for yourself, perhaps struggling with most of your life IS NOT a liability. It is, in fact, your greatest strength. So, if what you have thought was a liability is your greatest strength, then nothing can stop you from fulfilling your most direct, powerful, and successful expression of your life purpose.

Final Step

Look at the two life purpose statements you have written down or typed. Ask whether you feel more excited and fulfilled as a result of definition number 1 or number 2. Most people have more passion about number 2. Some people will choose number 1, but it is a more mental or logical choice. If this is the case, try opening your heart and testing number 2 again.

While both may be powerful for you, most often number 2 is the greater driver of passion. You can also use some of the language from each if that makes the life purpose definition you chose more powerful. The two may be very close or even identical. This is simply greater confirmation of your life intention.

Once you have narrowed down the wording to the most powerful and succinct statement, say it out loud several times and feel the passion and power.

How to Use Your Life Purpose Definition

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