Feel Guided in Practical Steps

Below are some examples of life purpose definitions (written as "I" statements) that relate to your choice. Choose the one with the most powerful language for you. When you have chosen, write it down or type it into a file.

I guide others to take practical steps.
I help others guide themselves to take practical steps.
I inspire others to take practical steps.
I empower others to take practical steps.
I inspire guidance.
I empower guidance.
I guide others to their highest potential.

Come up with your own wording if there is something you can formulate (or by combining one or more) that is more powerful than any of the above, but remember to keep it short. Seven words or less is optimal.

Second Step

What quality or guidance did you not receive enough of as a child--the most important quality or guidance--and how does it feel when you demonstrate that quality or guidance or inspire its realization in someone else? This question is not about blaming one's parents. It is simply an acknowledgement of a lack.

What you will most likely realize is that the quality that you didn't receive enough of is the greatest driver of your passion. What we didn't get enough of is what we have struggled to create for ourselves. It is what we are most excited about creating for ourselves and demonstrating or teaching others. It is what drives our passion!

Please fit your answer into one of the following categories and click on the appropriate category.

I didn't receive enough . . .



Sense of value
Opportunity for creative expression
Presence from my mother, father, or environment
Feminine guidance
Masculine guidance
Healthy communication
Appreciation for beauty

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